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  • Fishbowl Logo Redesign

    Graphic design

    The current logo was looking a little dated and dare I say "low-tech" for such a hip, data-driven company. I researched competitors in the marketplace, read up on color theory pertaining to high-tech & data companies and got to work sketching out ideas with my team. I determined that blue was most appropriate for an analytics company where data security and dependability was of key importance. I also wanted the color to be dynamic, so I settled on a gradient rather than a typical solid color. For the mark I developed a modern interpretation of the classic bowl silhouette & for the typeface I chose a bold sans-serif font. The folding bowl-shape loop represents how our interconnected suite of tools share data with each other. Also, it's a fishbowl. Get it?

    Date Completed: September 2016
    My Role: Creative Director

    Old Logo

    Most logo designs go through a number of iterations and branching paths before a final design is selected and this one was no different. The team and I did a number of quick sketches and really considered as many different approaches as possible before settling on a direction. When I started to sketch out the modern folding loop, the logo finally began to take shape.